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Far Cry 360 demo

Try out Lost Refinery MP.

Demo-loving Xbox 360 owners can now get their hands on a free trial version of Far Cry Instincts Predator - Ubisoft's two-game first-person shooter - and try various multiplayer game modes on the "Lost Refinery" map.

Available three and only 344.48MB in size, the demo is playable over Live by up to sixteen people, and includes all of the game modes available in the full title - Steal The Sample, Chaos, Team Chaos, Seek and Secure and Predator - according to the demo description.

The full game is already out of course - has been for a while - and consists of the original Far Cry Instincts game released on Xbox as well as a new chapter, Evolution, that you can access once you've finished FCI. Having to work your way through FCI to reach Evolution is a bit of a pity, but otherwise it's "well worth renting" according to Kristan's review, and "is consistently varied and enjoyable enough to keep you going for 20 hours".

Mind you, if you've only got an Xbox 1, you can still play it - Instincts and Evolution were released separately on that format, and they're still extremely impressive (and cheap) compared to a lot of their green-box chums.