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EGTV: Video round-up

Splinter Cell, Company of Heroes, more.

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Eurogamer's week-in-video was spent lurking in the shadows, bringing you an exclusive look at Splinter Cell: Double Agent, the next- and current-gen update to the ever-successful and ever-competent spy series from Ubisoft.

Elsewhere in Tom Clancyland, we get a detailed lowdown on next-gen tactical shooter Rainbow Six Vegas, direct from producer Alexandre Parizeau.

Ubisoft has yet to extend the Clancy brand to the racing genre (we can think of plenty of other scoundrels who would have done by now, sadly), but it has just unveiled a next-gen racer named Import Tuner Challenge - not to be misheard by John West as a threat to its seafood empire. You can take a first look in four movies, showing off the Racing, Xbox Live, Customise and Imports features.

It's a bloody mess and being banned from countries left, right and centre. (No, that's only happened to us once). Which, in trailer-viewing terms, is a fairly inviting proposition - so be sure to check out the new Reservoir Dogs teaser.

The THQ RTS PR-a-thon continues unabated this week, as Company of Heroes gets a fresh outing, and Dawn of War: Dark Crusade teases us with a Necron double-header focusing on Reassemble and Resurrection units.

Meanwhile, EA and Crytek's highly promising PC shooter Crysis also suffers a bout of perfectly decent exposure with not one, but two new gameplay movies for you to, um, cry over.

Finally, former Sega man Tetsuya Mizuguchi has long sought to express his peculiar brand of digital creativity through the medium of games. And in an exclusive interview with Eurogamer TV, recorded at the recent Develop Conference in Brighton, the Q Entertainment development chief talks us through his unique journey through games development. Although, because we're all pervs, we were more interested in the Rez vibration controller.

A thoroughly charming man, Mizuguchi also has a better command of spoken English than most of the Eurogamer staff (don't believe the podcast, kids - Tom was being played by an extra from The Bill).

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