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Third Resi film details

Including half-buried Vegas.

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The third Resident Evil film, Extinction, pits the last dregs of humanity against a dying world overrun by zombies, according to scriptwriter Paul W.S. Anderson.

Speaking at the Hollywood and Games Summit last week, Anderson said that his map of the film trilogy had always been set to conclude as a kind of "post script to the world of the videogame".

The film is set several years in the future, Anderson says, and "Umbrella Corporation has failed to control the outbreaks of the T-Virus and the world has been literally wiped out". Oops.

"There's very little humanity left and a handful of human survivors are travelling around the remnants of the world in these heavily armoured convoys," he says.

"And what they do is they go to the least populated parts of the world, because they figure that's where the least undead will be, and they travel in these heavily armoured trucks and customized rolling fortresses - it's very Road Warrior - at high speed so that the undead don't get anywhere near them."

Presumably that doesn't entirely work out for them though or it wouldn't be much of a film for the likes of Alice, Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield (a newcomer for the silver-screen versions) - but Anderson's not offering too much explanation on that front. Instead he's talking about the sets.

The film takes place "primarily in the deserts of Nevada and around Las Vegas" - and it's all a bit unkempt because "the desert has come back in and half-buried Vegas".

Cue lots of casinos half-buried in sand. "We built... parts of Paris [the casino]. So we built a chunk of the Eiffel Tower, but half-buried in sand. It's really spectacular," he explained last week.

Although Anderson's intimately involved in the project, it's actually Russell Mulcahy who'll be helming the thing, with Milla Jovovich still playing the lead role of Alice, Ali Larter joining as Redfield and Sienne Guillory reprising her turn as Jill Valentine, who popped up in Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Chris Redfield is also rumoured to make an appearance, and for some reason Ashanti appears to be on the cast-list - which you can explore in more detail at IMDB.

Resident Evil: Extinction is due out next year.

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