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Angelina Jolie "hated Lara Croft"

Claws out for her big screen alter ego.

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Angelina Jolie reportedly "hated Lara Croft" when she first portrayed the character, describing the veteran videogame tartlet as nothing more than a bimbo in a pair of ridiculously short hotpants, even arguing with the screenwriter about her pointlessly flimsy wardrobe.

But as this Ananova report (thanks Ferrago) quoting WENN tells us, these days the actress says she is happier with Lara, having turned her into more of a heroine figure. "Nowadays Lara really is alright, she is like a special friend," the Girl, Interrupted actress reportedly said.

Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life is due for release this summer, and judging by the recently released trailer, Lara will be more scantily clad than ever. As will the movie's flimsy premise.

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