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Ubi demos Cube Splinter Cell

But only in NGC, and only in Woolworths.

Ubi Soft will be producing a GameCube demo disc for its forthcoming Splinter Cell port. The disc will feature an introductory trailer, and a one level playable demo from the Chinese Embassy 2 map. The demo will also include the exclusive Game Boy Advance link-up features, showing the radar, and something to do with wall mines and sticky bombs.

Confusingly, Ubi hasn't actually stated how it intends to make the disk available; whether it will be bundled with new Cubes, or given away on shop counters, or dropped en masse from black helicopters over major cities. We are inquiring, though, trust us.

Update: Ubi Soft now informs us that the demo is "bagged with NGC this month, and only available in Woolworths," so if you want to get your hands on it, now you know where to go and what to look for...