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Scarface pushed back to 2006

The world won't be yours for another few months, but it will come to next-gen.

Publisher Vivendi Universal Games has confirmed that its videogame adaptation of the classic 1983 movie Scarface is now set for release in 2006, having been pushed back from its planned launch date in autumn.

The game is now scheduled to appear on PS2, Xbox and PC next year, and will also be released on next-gen console platforms - although only Xbox 360 has been confirmed as a release platform, with no mention made of PS3 or Revolution.

Only last week, Vivendi was trumpeting its success in signing up key Hollywood talent to work on the game, with Al Pacino lending his visage - albeit not his voice - to central character Tony Montana, while a raft of other well-known names, some of them from the original movie, have been signed up to voice characters in the game.

Scarface isn't the only such adaptation which is headed to consoles in the relatively near future; EA is expected to showcase footage of The Godfather at E3 later this month, including a possible first glimpse of mock-up footage of the next-generation version.

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