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Empire Earth II compo winner named!

It wasn't you. Oh, sorry, Phil Kelly, didn't see you there. It WAS you.

Last week we offered you the chance to win a copy of Empire Earth II courtesy of Vivendi-Universal Games, along with a brand new XFX GeForce 6200 Turbo Cache graphics card courtesy of NVIDIA. And those XFX guys.

Well, despite having to revive our Electronic Random Hat from near-death this morning after a few bits of digi-paper went down the wrong hole, we've managed to get him to swill them around a bit and produce a winner.

That winner is Philip Kelly! We've already told him and he's delighted. "Never won anything in my life!" he said earlier. "I knew hitting F5 all day would pay off eventually."

So there you have it folks. Sit on our website hitting the 'refresh' button all day - preferably on a page featuring advertisements that look like somebody paid quite a lot of money for them - and you may well win something.

Congratulations to Phil and thanks to all who entered. We'll try and rustle up more expensive or unusual stuff to give away in the near future.