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Fable, Gotham, Halo on Xbox 360

Shane Kim reckons it's a good idea to persist with first-party games that sell.

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Several of the biggest Xbox franchises are already planned for Xbox 2, according to Microsoft Game Studios boss Shane Kim, who has confirmed that Fable, Halo and Project Gotham Racing are all en route to the next-gen console.

Speaking in an interview on the official website, Kim said that he was "very proud" of MGS' track record in terms of the creation of new intellectual properties, and that these will provide Xbox with an "exclusive competitive advantage" in the next generation.

"Without giving away all the surprises we have in store," he commented, "gamers that love franchises like Halo, Fable, and Project Gotham Racing can safely assume we will continue to invest in them as we move into the next generation."

Kim didn't give any further details of the company's actual plans for any of the franchises in question, but the new Halo and Fable games, at least, are unlikely to appear until quite a while after launch - since developers Bungie and Big Blue Box both only finished work on their last games late in 2004.

Speaking about Microsoft Game Studios' role in terms of Xbox, Kim said that "we definitely have the talent and the willingness to create new breakthrough intellectual property."

"I'm actually very proud of our track record here," he continued, "as we have invested significant resources into creating new IP in this generation, with titles like Fable, Jade Empire, and Forza Motorsport. There's a collective vision at MGS about what we need to do to be creating truly original material, and yes, it will be central to how we move into the next generation."

Asked elsewhere in the interview whether Xbox had the potential to "unseat Sony", Kim was bullish on the prospects for the platform. "Absolutely," he responded. "Xbox has incredible momentum right now, and we are well-positioned heading into the next generation of consoles."

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