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Worms Open Warfare unveiled

It's coming to DS and PSP.

THQ has revealed new details of Worms Open Warfare, the new instalment in the classic series for Nintendo DS and PSP.

The good news for Worms-loving luddites is that they've done away with all that 3D nonsense - well, sort of. While foregrounds will be in 2D, backgrounds are 3D, so it's in "2.5D", according to Team 17.

Landscape themes will include space, woodlands, ancient Egypt and volcanic caverns, and although the gameplay has been finely tuned to suit handheld controls it'll be familiar to fans of the series. As will most of the weapons, which will include grenades, rocket launchers, teleporters and the ever-popular sheep gun.

Multiplayer always was the most fun you can have with Worms, and the new versions won't disappoint. PSP owners can enjoy hotseat matches if there's only one copy of the game available, or if each player has a copy you can take part in wireless four player battles. The DS version will also feature a hotseat mode and game sharing for up to four players. So far there's no word on whether you'll be able to play online via Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service, but here's hoping.

Worms Open Warfare is out on DS and PSP on March 24.