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SCEE moderates PS2 Online servers

Good on them.

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Fed up of online cheats and people who refuse to play tactical action games properly? Want to see some action? We certainly do. Having spent the past week yelling at pissant hicks to run with the knife and buy their bloody equipment faster in Xbox Counter-Strike, the prospect of a bit of orderly terrorism or counter-terrorism is certainly enough to brighten our weary eyes.

Step forward Sony then with their much-maligned PS2 Online answer to Counter-Strike, SOCOM, and a new moderated server, policed by Central Station staff to ensure the highest standards of violence and teamplay. If you play SOCOM regularly and fancy giving it a try, all you have to do is look for the "SCEE Central Station Universe" and plug in your Central Station username and password, at which point you'll be able to join in a few moderated games.

Sony also offers a similar moderated server for the recently released Hardware: Online Arena (dubbed the "Academy"). Moderation may not raise SOCOM or Hardware above the likes of the freebie CS, but it does at least guarantee a level playing field.

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