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Commandos 3 patched

Fix those war wounds.

If there's one game this year that has given Yours Truly an utterly hellish ordeal in order to review it, then Commandos 3: Destination Berlin would be it. Reviewing it was an ordeal I wouldn't wish upon anyone, except… well, I did, because I said it was good. And it is! And to thank those of you who listened and then went out and put yourselves through the mill in order to get past the first couple of missions, Eidos has released a patch.

This isn't a patch to cover the bloodied area on your forehead caused by ramming it into a brick wall though, unfortunately. It's a patch to fix this big heap of bugs here, in both the single and multiplayer portions of the game.

The size of the download is a measly 6.1MB and you can download it from all the usual outlets, including 3D Gamers and Gamer's Hell. Got the guts to start playing it again, have you? Huh? I haven't.