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Sims 3, Sims Wii, Sims PS3

It's Sims City and EA's the mayor!

Electronic Arts has revealed that three new Sims games are in development at the moment, including a true Sims 3.

That game is due out in the 12 months beginning April 2008, so there's a bit of a way to go, but EA clearly has confidence in that estimate since chief financial officer Warren Jenson mentioned it in a conference call with investors this week.

Also mentioned in the conf. call, picked up on by GameSpot, is a new Sims title "specifically developed for the Wii platform". That one pretty much designs itself if you ask us - with comfort levels easily restored by using the Wii-mote like a TV remote when you need to relax, like a broom when you need to tidy up, and like a, er, actually, we'll stop there.

Elsewhere, Jenson apparently mentioned "The Sims 2 holiday edition on PS3" would be released in time for either Christmas 2006 or 2007. This year seems a bit soon if you ask us, but stranger things have happened.