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Schafer doesn't discuss game

Nothing revealed!

Psychonauts design hero legend person Tim Schafer has tricked the Internet into talking about his new game even though he hasn't actually said anything about it.

Not speaking in-between courses at the BAFTAs recently, he didn't drop any hints about the game's content - merely pointing that he reckons it's "pretty innovative", "still has our style in it", has "great music" and will probably be funny.

Oh, and apparently "it's actually a lot of fun to play in the office already". But not to talk about outside of it, sadly.

What he did say though was that he thought games should try to be funnier. When asked if his new one was a comedy, he said he didn't know. But: "There should be more games that try it out because there are other things to do other than shooting things. And even if you are shooting things you can do funny things."

Which will be familiar to fans of titles like Psychonauts and Day of the Tentacle, where virtually everything is some sort of joke. A bit like this news item.