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Eurogamer poker heat results

Two down, five to go.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eurogamer's second poker challenge heat took place last night, with 102 of you turning out to stake a claim for the US$ 500 prize pot and a place in December's grand final.

Following several hours of hardened poking (note to self: check terminology), GekkeHenk emerged as the winner, with US$ 135 to show for it, while Whizzo came in a respectable second.

All's not lost just because you don't win, either; heat winners go into our 14th December grand final, which will be edited into a highlights reel for Eurogamer TV and everything, but then so do the next three players on the overall leaderboard.

And don't worry if you forgot or didn't know about the first two heats, because there are five more planned - just download the PKR software, check the site on Thursday for details of where we'll be playing online, and then join us from 8pm UK time onwards.

To see the overall leaderboard then, as well as individual standings for heats one and two, be sure to check in over at the forum where Rupert's holding court.

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