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MOH Rising Sun goes gold

But how will it fare against Call of Duty?

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Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, EA's latest console release in the successful World War II-based first-person shooter series, has gone gold and should be shipping off to various retail fronts in time for its late November release date.

Due out on PS2, Xbox and GameCube with PS2 Online support potentially giving that title the edge, Rising Sun boasts more of a narrative than its predecessors and kicks off with a massive on-rails set-piece at Pearl Harbour, as the Japanese air force launches its infamous sneak attack on the sleeping US Navy, before offering a taste of the Pacific side of the second World War.

However with the PC title Pacific Assault still not gold and Activision's Call of Duty - developed by the same team as the original Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - receiving rave reviews, it'll be interesting to see how EA's title does in the long run.

We'll be bringing you our thoughts on Rising Sun closer to its November 28th release date.

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