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XIII multiplayer demo

Can't remember where it is?

Ubisoft has released a multiplayer demo of cel-shaded first person shooter XIII, complete with "Bot Challenge" mode. And in fact, that's probably all it's good for, if Ubi.com community fellow Tim Ernst is to be believed. According to Tim, "the XIII MP demo was released but there was a large bug in it. The bug is not affecting the Bot Challenge but multiplayer hosting." Tim promises a new version soon. The tainted demo is available from all the usual places (158MB), or, for those of you who missed it the first time, there's a single player demo doing the rounds to keep you happy until this one's patched.

According to those lovely people at Ubisoft, XIII is due out in two waves; the first on October 31st (Xbox and PC), and the second on November 14th (PS2 and Cube).