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Capcom to distribute Rogue Ops

Gosh! And they've been so quiet about it!

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As we've been hinting since we first covered the game at ECTS, Bits/Kemco's potentially exciting Rogue Ops will be distributed in Europe and Australia by Capcom, and will be available on PS2, Xbox and Cube from December 5th.

For those that missed out, Rogue Ops is the tale of Nikki Connors, a housewife forced into a life of espionage when her blue-collar husband turns out to be a spook and winds up dead. Driven by revenge and a desire to find out who killed him, Nikki joins the same agency and clambers around various hotbeds of international terrorism unplugging guidance systems, dispatching guards and even stealing artefacts from archetypal British museums.

Although at the moment the vast feature list seems to work better on paper, we're nonetheless keen to get our hands on the final game. You can read what we made of it at ECTS here and how we subsequently got on with it at home here.

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