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Beta test Steel Battalion sequel

Got a controller? Capcom's looking for you...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

In this country at least, the massive, hulking frame of a boxed Steel Battalion controller is more elusive than Tony's mysterious Weapons of Mass Debate. After the limited distribution/eBay profiteering farce of its March 28th launch this year, just a few scant gamers and a lot of uncaring traders are left with one of the most ambitious peripherals ever conceived. And although at the time we were hard-pressed to recommend it (as, sadly, the game couldn't quite sell it to us), we did make noises about waiting for the second one.

However it seems we were wrong. Horribly wrong. Because if you had gone out and bought Capcom's lounge-swallowing vertical tank controller, you'd be in a good position to help beta test the follow-up, Steel Battalion - Line of Contact. D'oh! Capcom is looking for testers with an active Xbox Live account to help put the game under stress right now, and any interested gamers are encouraged to get in contact via Tell them we sent you, eh?

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