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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Halo dedicated server released


Those of you collecting files to plug into Halo when it's released on the PC next week might be interested in the newly available (Windows-only) dedicated server package to go with last week's pre-emptive patch. "Due to the overwhelming response and demand for Halo multiplayer, we are releasing this version of the Halo Dedicated Server earlier than we originally planned," says Gearbox. "The server is a stand alone application that does not require the retail version of the game to run. Because we are releasing the server ahead of schedule, there were a couple features that we did not get in on time. Most notable are support for RCON and Multiple instances on one machine. These features are nearly complete and will be released as an update in the next week or so. The dedicated server package is roughly 100mb. The update will be roughly 10mb." Halo is due out on the PC next Friday, October 10th, and we'll be bringing you our verdict on it very soon.