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Codemasters cancels Dragon Empires

Another MMORPG bites the dust as Codies drop the Dragon.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

British publisher Codemasters has announced that it has discontinued development on Dragon Empires, with the massively multiplayer RPG title being dropped due to "technical issues."

The bulk of the development team on the game are being transferred to other parts of Codemasters' operation, and no redundancies have been announced as a result of the cancellation.

Codemasters claims that it still has "long-term ambitions" in the massively multiplayer space, and says that the decision to cancel Dragon Empires is down to technical problems - with the company lauding the "incredible support" from the online community for the title to date.

Dragon Empires joins a growing list of cancelled massively multiplayer projects, including Microsoft's Mythica and True Fantasy Live Online titles, Games Workshop's Warhammer Online and Electronic Arts' Ultima X Odyssey, all of which have been dropped since the start of this year.

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