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Sega TGS line-up shows strong Ninty support

Old enemies make the best allies.

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With the Tokyo Games Show looming near, Sega has announced its line-up for the event - revealing continued strong support for Nintendo's platforms, including the announcement of four new games for Cube and GBA.

Three of the new games are for the Cube, with one GBA title in the mix - the incredibly Japan-specific Liliput Kingdom, in development at Overworks, which is based on the incredibly popular Japanese girl-band Morning Musume.

The three new Cube games are Monster Island, a monster battling game which allows players to sketch their own creatures and then exchange them via Cube memory cards or battle them using GBA connectivity; Puyo Puyo Fever, the latest update to the popular Puyo Puyo puzzle game franchise (which will also be appearing on PS2, Xbox and, believe it or not, Dreamcast) and finally, Phantasy Star Online Episode 1&2 Plus - a significantly enhanced version of PSO Ep1&2 for the Cube which will be appearing alongside Phantasy Star Online 3: C.A.R.D. Battle at a budget price-point this Winter.

These games join a strong line-up of previously announced titles, including the first public showing of Kunoichi (now titled Kunoichi Shinobi, interestingly), Sonic Heroes, two titles based on the work of famous manga creator Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy and Dororo) and the latest efforts in the "Let's Make A..." sports management simulation series - namely Pro Baseball Team and Derby Horse.

Interestingly, while the company is supporting PS2, Cube and GBA strongly, support for the Xbox seems to have all but evaporated - with Puyo Puyo Fever being the only title in the list that's heading for Microsoft's console, and that's also going to the Dreamcast so we wouldn't read too much into that. Of course, it's entirely possible that the company has other Xbox titles it's simply not showing at TGS, since an informed mind might ask what the point of showcasing Xbox titles at a Japanese games show is...

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