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Half-Life 2 slips

So does Judge Dredd and Condition Zero...*sigh*

Half-Life 2 looks certain to slip after all, despite Valve's repeated assurances at ECTS that there was no change to its September 30th release date.

An email has been sent out by Game to its pre-order customers said: "As you may already be aware, the UK release date for 'Half-Life 2' has changed to Nov-2003.

"Please don't worry, your order is still 'live' and will be despatched to you on the day prior to the revised release date, via your chosen method of shipping, unless you advise us to the contrary."

Vivendi is sticking to its mantra that the release date is "TBC", and indeed a release schedule sent to us this morning confirms this.

In addition, Judge Dredd Vs Judge Death has slipped by four weeks to October 17th, Condition Zero has slipped all the way to November 14th, while SWAT: Global Strike team is now down for a November 7th release on Xbox, and November 21st on PS2. Tribes: Aerial Assault on the PS2 has also been consigned to the realms of TBC, despite having been on U.S shelves for two months.

More news on the Half-Life 2 release date merry-go-round when we get it.

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