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PS2 online launches June 11th

£25 or £40 with Twisted Metal thrown in.

Sony has finally confirmed it is to launch its PS2 broadband network gaming service on June 11th, with a variety of pricing options available.

The network adaptor on its own will set you back a not inconsiderable £24.99, while you'll also be able to pick it up bundled with Twisted Metal Black Online for £39.99, while for £49.99 you can get your mitts on SOCOM: US Navy Seals, complete with a USB voice communication headset - but not a network adapter, oddly. Twisted Metal Black Online will also be available on its own for £24.99.

A few months down the line, Sony also has This Is Football 2004, Destruction Derby Arenas and Hardware planned for release. In the meantime, there are several third party publishers who have already released online compatible games including Midnight Club II and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. EA, in particular, will be launching a slew of PS2 online sports games, so expect a deluge of information over the coming weeks.

SCEE UK MD Ray Maguire, unsurprisingly thinks "PlayStation Network gaming will be exciting and simple to play, as well as affordable." Affordable as long as publishers don't start expecting us to pay £6 a month for each and every game, eh Ray?

He added: "Our ethos remains one of having a very diverse and inclusive platform that will enable content companies, games publishers and ISPs to provide consumers with the broadest selection of new network experiences and entertainment from a variety of sources."

Without wishing to labour the point, you'll need a broadband connection if you want to join in the online gaming fun, as well as a mate who knows about DHCP settings and other network related guff, as I found out when I tried to set the bloody thing up. Apparently Telewest Broadband, BT Openworld and BT Retail, NTL and Freeserve, are offering "competitive packages specifically tailored to PlayStation 2 network gaming".