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Possession Xbox 360 in-game screens

Blitz shows off next-gen title.

UK developer Blitz has released some screenshots for Possession, its forthcoming survival horror effort for PC and next-generation consoles.

"These are in-game shots from the Xbox 2 early proof of concept demo," a Blitz representative told Eurogamer, contradicting reports elsewhere suggesting they're in-game PS3 shots. "They're from a level that was created to demonstrate plans for the game, but which might not appear in the finished version."

You can view them here.

Possession is a survival horror game that puts you in the role of The Enslaver, a zombie overlord who controls an entire army of the undead. As well as commanding them in battle and possessing individual zombies you can muck about with their DNA, giving them different strengths and weaknesses to create new mutations.

[Being dead is a slightly odd premise for a survival game, no? -Ed]

It's set in a modern-day US city which is described as "freeform and reactive" - the route you take is up to you, and you can destroy buildings and deal out death according to your personal whims and fancies. For more info, read the FAQ on the game's official website.

Possession is slated for a 2007 release, and Blitz told us they'll be "showing a graphically revamped version at E3". We'll bring you more then.