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SmackDown hits PS3, Xbox 360

Also PS2, PSP.

THQ's announced that it's planning to bring WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW to both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for its 2007 incarnation.

Due out this Christmas, WWE SVR 2007 is also set for release on the PS2, as is tradition, while it'll also be appearing on the PSP for the second time around.

Announced on the eve of WrestleMania 22, the new SmackDown includes an enhanced season mode, moves grapples to the right analogue stick, and even lets you get in among the fans in certain places.

It still features online play - presumably on all formats - and yes, there will be voice chat support this time, which ought to be interesting.

As ever, those trusty chaps at Yuke's are handling development of the game, and you should expect to see much more about it leaping off the turnbuckle onto your internet breadbasket in the coming months.