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HotD2 movie goes straight to TV

Trailer available for viewing.

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So much for straight to video - the new House of the Dead movie is going straight to cable TV.

House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim is the sequel to Uwe Boll's 2003 adaptation of the SEGA classic, and was originally down for a theatrical release.

But instead, the film will get its world premiere on America's Sci-Fi channel this February 11th, according to the official website. The tagline is: "It took only a single zombie to spawn an army. It'll take everything humanity has to stop it." I.e., a man in a jumpsuit carrying a big gun and a lady who wears a vest and carries a big gun, by the looks of things.

HotD2 is helmed by British-born director Michael Hurst - Boll, apparently, was too busy making BloodRayne. Hurst's previous credits include The Baby Juice Express, some sort of Lock Stock spoof involving Nick Moran and someone off of Holby City.

You can watch the trailer for House of the Dead 2 over at A European release date for the film is anybody's guess.

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