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Third Serious Sam likely

But Croteam has other plans too.

Excerpts of a Croatian magazine interview with Serious Sam developer Croteam have been translated and whacked on the Internet by a chap on the Seriously! forums over the Christmas break, giving us an idea of what the developer plans to do now that Serious Sam 2 is on shelves.

According to the post - which appears genuine - Croteam has various Serious Sam 2 patches to finish work on, but fully intends to crack on with a third Serious Sam game once that's over and done with, albeit with the caveat, "you never know what the publisher may want, so something may happen in between".

Perhaps more interestingly, the snippet also suggests that we might see something else from Croteam regardless. "We are also planning a completely new project, a game which will be completely different from SS, with a bigger accent on MP in co-op," the developer reportedly said. "It should be a lot less 'cartoony' and much more serious than Sam."

In case you missed it, Serious Sam 2 is available now for PC (and not to be confused with budget-priced PS2 and GameCube title Next Encounter). You can read our review of the PC sequel off in the wilds of the database where content roams free.