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Download Nintendo ringtones

'Bipbipbip bi-bi-bip (boink)...'

"Bipbipbip bi-bi-bip (boink) - bim bim bim, bimbimbimbim bim ba-ba baa ba ba-ba ba-baba..."

That's right, it's the Super Mario Bros. theme tune - and here's the good news for fans of that ditty or indeed any of Nintendo's other classics: you'll soon be able to download them as realtones for your mobile phone.

From December 5th, all of those who belong to Nintendo's VIP 24:7 club will be able to use any 'stars' they've collected to buy the tones from the Nintendo Europe website.

There will be 20 to choose from, including Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Metroid Prime and, of course, Super Mario Bros. They'll set you back 350 stars a pop. Nintendo will also be offering more than 30 mobile wallpapers, to, priced at 150 stars each.

All you have to do to make a purchase is update your user profile by entering your mobile phone number, plus your phone's make and model. You've got to have a WAP-enabled handset to download the items, and Nintendo warns that some items may not be available for every type of mobile phone.

Nintendo has also just launched a new WAP portal featuring loads of game info and videos - just whack wap.nintendo.co.uk into your phone's browser to take a peek.

All together now: "...Bim bim bim, bimbimbimbim bim..."