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Bullet-proof Xbox

Console implicated in Maryland shooting.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

I'm not exactly known for bottling up my outrage when it comes to frustrating games. I've thrown pads, screamed at the walls and even threatened to punch people in the face for goading me as I sit, thunderstruck by an appalling mechanic, a needlessly harsh bit of design or the looming spectre of forced failure.

But while I'm notoriously bad at keeping a lid on things, my usual reaction is a deep healing breath compared to that of Robert Preston Kersey, a 34-year-old from Anne Arundel County across the pond in Maryland, who found himself so fed with the noise of his flatmates' gaming last Friday night that he burst into the lounge just past 2am in the morning and shot the cause of their merriment, a familiar black games console marked with an X...

Amazingly, police claim the 9mm gunshot didn't even penetrate the bulky Xbox, and that nobody was injured at the scene, but nevertheless Kersey has been charged with two counts of reckless endangerment and one count of destruction of property, so presumably the Xbox didn't exactly survive the incident unscathed.

Still, while it may seem a bit extreme, I'm beginning to feel Kersey's pain. If I have to listen to the looping apocalyptic score from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines played over a procession of awful visuals for any longer I'm going to do similarly unpleasant things to the PS2 humming away contentedly on the floor in the corner. And I'm not even reviewing it. SHUT UP!

Source: Sunspot (with thanks to the Byronic Man)

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