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LucasArts confirms Star Wars: Battlefront

BF1942 does Star Wars, apparently.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

LucasArts is working on a Battlefield 1942-like multiplayer action game set in the Star Wars universe, a spokesperson for the company has confirmed.

Very few details are available, as the publisher wants to unveil it properly in its own time, apparently in early 2004. However we do know that the game is called Star Wars: Battlefront and will be released on PS2, Xbox and PC - with Lucas going so far as to refute rumours that the game will be PS2-exclusive.

Expect more details in the New Year. For now, try to visualise that Battlefield 1942 modification done properly, with fleets of speeders, herds of walkers and... well, what's the collective term for Mark Hammills? [A train wreck? -Ed]

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