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Nintendo Wii on South Park

Cartman can't wait.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo Wii's become the latest videogame-related thing to feature in an episode of South Park.

In one of the latest in the current run of series ten shows, Cartman ends up trying to freeze himself in ice to bypass the three weeks that remain before the console's American launch.

The episode begins with him waiting outside a shop with giant Wii posters hung around, pacing impatiently. "It's like waiting for Christmas... times a thousand," he tells his Mum. Don't worry - it's actually quite funny.

It also, er, very clearly subscribes to the current standards of hilarious tastelessness that South Park's been trying to outdo itself with lately. So if it ever pops on TV and all you want to see is the Wii bit, you might want to limit your viewing to the first three minutes.

For unadulterated post-op coitus with evolutionary overtones (e.g. "Pound my monkey hole") however, keep watching!

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