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Ubi Soft shuffles release dates

Harvest Moon 2 slips, Dragon's Lair moves forward...

The award winning Ubi Soft updated its release schedule this morning, revealing a few changes to its line up.

Most notably, the keenly awaited Harvest Moon 2 (GBA/Cube) has slipped from a November 21st release to a vaguer '2004' slot. Elsewhere, Dragon's Lair 3D (Xbox/PC) has been moved forward a couple of weeks to a September 12th release. Meanwhile, the standalone Ghost Recon: Island Thunder (Xbox) and Super Bust A Move 2 (Cube) also come out this Friday, so we'll have a review of those for you shortly.

The rest of the schedule remains largely unchanged, which can only be a good thing considering how many quality titles the publisher has lined up for us over the next few months.

Rainbow Six III: Athena Sword - October 3rd (PC)

XIII - October 31st (Xbox, PS2, PC, GameCube - November 14th)

URU: Ages Beyond Myst - November 7th (PC)

Beyond Good And Evil - November 14th (PS2, PC) (Xbox, Cube TBC 2004)

Rainbow Six III - November 14th (Xbox)

Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time - November 21st (PS2, PC) (Xbox, Cube TBC 2004)

Batman: Rise Of Sin Tzu - November 21st (PS2, Xbox, Cube)

Far Cry - November 28th (PC)

Lords Of Everquest - December 5th (PC)

Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow - Q1 2004 (PS2, Xbox, Cube, PC)

The Matrix Online - TBC 2004 (PC)

Everquest II - June 2004 (PC)

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