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US PSP's 2.00 update next week

Japanese one voids US warranty.

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Sony America says that the latest PlayStation Portable software update, released in Japan last week, will be made available for US PSP owners on August 12th.

The update, which Sony America is calling "Firmware Upgrade 2.0", adds an internet browser, improved audio/video support, options for photo sharing and adding background images to the user interface, and tweaks numerous other low-level functions.

Sony has also clarified that using the Japanese update, which is already available and known to work fine on American PSP hardware, will void the system's warranty. US PSP owners are advised to be patient with this in mind.

Once the update is available, you should be able to get it by connecting directly through a wireless access point using your PSP or by using your PC to download the file from the official US PSP website and transferring it across with a USB cable.

European PSPs will come with the update pre-installed, so there'll be no need to faff around unless you're a SINFUL HELLBOUND importer. Like we all are.

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