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Winning Eleven 7 vids

Back of the net.

A couple of videos of Winning Eleven 7 have tumbled onto the Internet, perhaps shaken free of Konami HQ during a recent earthquake, and are now available here, at least for the moment. If they die away then let us know and we'll pop them up.

The first one is about 7.5MB and the second is roughly 4.5MB, and judging by the other video file on the same page (unavailable at the time of writing), they're taken from a recent press conference about the game.

As for the contents, the fuzzy WMVs don't give too much away, but the HUD has been subtly updated (ooh, curves!) and the player animation looks a bit nicer. Oh, and the goal celebrations are worryingly homoerotic.

It's also worth noting that although this is indeed a good first look at the next game in the Winning Eleven series, the next Pro Evo title will be about three or four months' worth of development better off, and no doubt stripped of any difficult code which lowers the frame rate. As Konami's PR officers usually tackle us wildly like an adrenaline-boosted Steven Gerrard whenever we mention any correlation between Winning Eleven and Pro Evo, we thought we'd make the above expressly clear.

And, GameCube fans, should we find out about any Japanese or European plans for your beloved purple joyboxes, we'll happily append them. Nothing yet.