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Multiplayer Halo expands for PC audience

A warthog with a rocket launcher turret? We want it now.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

C&VG reports that Bungie and Gearbox are planning plenty of extras for the PC version of Halo's multiplayer mode, although we're advised to "stay tuned to" for news on whether the surely requisite co-op mode makes the cut.

Fans of CTF, Slayer and other familiar gametypes will be pleased to hear that up to 16 players will be supported by the PC version, and various new maps, vehicles and weapons will also appear. On the ordnance front, the Covenant Banshee and Shade vehicles will be available in multiplayer, as well as a Warthog with a turret-mounted rocket launcher, whilst a new Covenant-made Fuel Rod Gun will offer an alien take on the FPS stalwart grenade launcher. Word also filters through that Bungie/Gearbox are considering a flamethrower...

As for the new maps (which were on display at E3), "Timberland" is a [boring music producer? -Ed] florally distinct outdoor level with a nice water feature, and "Gephyrophobia" is a bitch to type. And also dominated by bridges and chasms.

We're promised more details on these, other new maps and even more game features as Halo circles its autumn release date.

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