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Stuntman goes Platinum

£20 if you never bothered with it before.

InfogramesNotAtari's Stuntman is joining the PS2 Platinum collection, meaning that you'll be able to pick it up for £20 sometime this summer and, more importantly from the publisher's perspective, it's now achieved more than 500,000 sales. Developed by Reflections, Stuntman is of course the game that lets you be a stuntman. In Hollywood. On film sets. Your goal is to complete stunts for different directors without screwing up too much (lest you suffer the horrific load times as punishment). It's pretty good as we recall, and you can look forward to picking it up if you haven’t already on June 13th at the new price. Those of you with that find the black-spined Platinum cases look crap on your shelf with all those regular PS2 cases would do well to pick it up before then.