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E3 2003: Capcom's line-up

Resident Evil 4, Maximo vs. Army of Zin, Gotcha Force, Bombastic and tons more...

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One of the first stands we’ll be heading for at E3 will be Capcom’s, and today we’re happy to learn that the Japanese gods of gaming have revealed what they intends to show off, and perhaps just as interestingly simultaneously revealing which titles were among the 18 titles recently canned.

The main ones we’re looking forward to are undoubtedly the foolishly GameCube exclusive Resident Evil 4, and its online PS2 brother now entitled Resident Evil Outbreak, as well as Maximo Vs. Army Of Zin (PS2 only), Killer 7, Viewtiful Joe, P.N.03, and new titles Gotcha Force and Bombastic, which will be announced officially at the show.

Reading between the lines, it appears that Angel Studio’s fabulous Western action shooter Red Dead Revolver has been ditched, along with Dead Phoenix. Others which may well have fallen under the knife are Gio Gio’s Adventure (PS2), Capcom Fighting All Stars, and possibly even Ghouls and Ghosts Online, its first ever massively multiplayer game (say it isn’t so!).

Capcom's E3 website is up here, although the "Hold until May 14th" line suggests they've accidentally published things early.

  • PS2: Resident Evil Outbreak, Maximo vs. Army of Zin, Onimusha 3, Resident Evil: Dead Aim, Chaos Legion, Bombastic, Mega Man X7, Onimusha Blade Warriors, Gregory Horror Show
  • GC: Resident Evil 4, Gotcha Force, Viewtiful Joe, Killer 7, P.N.03, Resident Evil Code Veronica X, Mega Man Network Transmission
  • Xbox: Dino Crisis 3, Group S Challenge, Steel Battalion Online, Pro Cast Sports Fishing
  • GBA: Disney's Aladdin, Disney's Magical Quest 2 Starring Mickey and Minnie, Mega Man Battle Network White, Mega Man Battle Network Blue, Mega Man Zero 2, Onimusha Tactics

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