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Datel's new Xbox 360 HDD

4GB packed into a tiny box.

Datel has confirmed to Eurogamer that plans are afoot to launch a new 4GB portable hard drive for the Xbox 360.

Measuring just two inches square and weighing only four ounces, the drive will be able to store "thousands of songs and over 5000 images". The idea is that you can transfer MP3s from your PC to your Xbox 360, or whack on all your JPEGs and use your telly as a photo viewer.

However, you can't use the hard drive to store game saves and transfer them between Xbox 360 units, since the X360 won't read saves from a USB device, apparently. Nor can you use the device to go online.

Good old Internet reports reckon the 4GB drive will retail for around £99, and UK retailer darkplanets is already taking pre-orders at the knockdown price of £74.99.

However, a Datel spokesperson told us that the price point has yet to be confirmed - they're still talking to distributors about that one. The official RRP will be announced early next week, along with a release date.