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Sony launches TV rental service

For PSP - but only in Japan.

Sony Japan has launched a new "Portable TV" rental service which allows PSP owners to download the latest episodes of their favourite TV shows, along with music videos and trailers.

To access the downloads, users have to visit the Sony Communication Network and hand over between $1-3 per download. Videos are only watchable for a maximum of a fortnight, after which time they expire.

Downloads already on offer include the Mobile Suit Gundam movies, anime show Noein, a programme starring comedic troupe "~giggle~" and Private Princess: Ayase Haruka - a bikini shoot video that's described as "highly intellectual".

So, is there any chance of Sony launching a similar service over here? It's keeping schtum for the time being, telling us only that "We haven't released any further plans on the PSP for next year yet." Here's hoping...