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Help develop EyeToy: Play 2

Move it, slacker!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

EyeToy: Groove may have stiffed rather unceremoniously at retail, but Sony isn't about to give up on the million-selling peripheral just yet. With so many of those little cameras winking blue atop televisions all over Europe, the release of EyeToy: Play 2 during 2004 is a certainty.

But this time Sony's London Studio is looking for some help. After all, it takes some considerable effort to keep coming up with new and interesting ideas for webcam-based mini-games. With that in mind them, Sony (London Studio) has teamed up with, um, Sony ( to give a Sony home cinema kit, a 23" widescreen LCD TV and EyeToy goodies to the person who comes up with the best EyeToy-based mini-game idea.

All you have to do to enter is download a design template document from the competition page and send off your finished entry before the closing date of January 5th. We don't normally promote competitions off-site, but in this case we thought we'd make an exception. After all, with so many budding game designers all over our discussion threads it shouldn't be too hard for one of you to rise above. Get scribblin'!

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