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Famitsu reviews PS3 titles

Ridge Racer 7 is ace. Told you!

Ridge Racer 7 is the saviour of PlayStation 3.

And don't just take my slightly tiring word for it, since I haven't played it yet: take Famitsu's word for it, since their latest issue features the very first PS3 review scores, and RR7 comes out on top.

As you'll know if you've ever peered at Famitsu or, more likely, been alerted to one of its scores, the Japanese magazine puts games in front of four reviewers, each of whom offers a score out of ten. Wackos.

Ridge Racer 7 did the best out of the early PS3 games, then, picking up four nines, with online play and refined drifting reportedly among the things praised.

Meanwhile, Resistance: Fall of Man got one nine and three eights, with the 40-player online action quite popular. It's worth pointing out here that Western first-person shooters don't typically do all that well in Japan, so developer Insomniac can probably view this as promising news.

Meanwhile, the giant enemy crabs weren't enough to save Genji: Days of the Blade from netting three sevens and an eight, while SEGA Golf Club got four sevens and Gundam: Target in Sight got four eights.

And if you count all those numbers up, you get roughly the entire launch allocation for Japan, where 80,000 PS3s will assemble to be bought on 11th November, ahead of the console's 17th November US launch. Look out for our own reviews sometime around then.