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No more Metal Gear from Kojima after MGS3

But the series will live on.

Famitsu has reported that Metal Gear Solid 3 will be the last game in the series that Hideo Kojima will work on, although did not rule out further games in the popular stealth-based franchise.

Kojima dropped the bombshell at last week's PlayStaton Experience during a Q&A session to promote the excellent new trailer for the game, which Konami will officially release sometime this week.

The move will certainly allow Kojima the chance to focus on an entirely new project, most likely on the PlayStation 3. Expect enormous speculation, hype, multiple trailers (at each of the next three E3s), 9000 magazine covers and eventually a game that will hopefully not involve mullets or bandanas.

Tom's busy moving house today, but he delivered a very entertaining review of the trailer here