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Tannhauser Gate RPG re-rooted

Cenega picks up the rights.

Cenega is polishing [groan -Ed] its ECTS line-up as the spectre of London's annual gaming trade show creeps over the horizon. According to a release this morning, Cenega has signed the worldwide rights to The Roots, a PC-based fantasy third person role-player from Polish developer Tannhauser Gate, due out in Q3 2004.

According to Cenega, the game "leans heavily on classic role-playing within a mystical world", and the publisher also promises "arena-style turn-based, real-time combat". That'll probably need some explaining, so if we bump into Cenega at ECTS, we'll be sure to ask them how it works.

Oh, and since this is an ECTS story, Cenega will be on stand 1480.