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Activision sues Viacom over lack of decent Star Trek

Looks like they've seen Nemesis. We want our money back too.

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Activision has filed a lawsuit against media giant Viacom for failing to make enough Star Trek, according to a rather amusing press release we received this afternoon. The suit was filed in the Superior Court of the State of California yesterday.

Apparently Activision is upset that since the signing of a 1998 agreement for the rights to videogame development, Viacom has only produced one Star Trek film and has allowed two television series to go off-air, leaving just one show with weak ratings in their stead.

"Activision cannot successfully develop and sell Star Trek video games without the product exploitation and support promised by Viacom," the suit charges. "A continuing pipeline of movie and television production, and related marketing, is absolutely crucial to the success of video games based on a property such as Star Trek."

It continues. "By failing and refusing to continue to exploit and support the Star Trek franchise as it had promised, Viacom has significantly diminished the value of Star Trek licensing rights including the rights received by Activision. Moreover, in so doing, Viacom has breached a fundamental term of its agreement with Activision ... and has caused Activision significant damage."

As a result, Activision has terminated the agreement and filed a complaint seeking to recover damages. We suppose that means no Elite Force III.

It remains to be seen how Viacom will respond to the suit. We imagine they'll invert the polarities.

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