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Burnout 3 video crashes our PCs

Well, it doesn't, but you can see what we were trying to do there. And you can see what Criterion's trying to do by clicking onward...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Electronic Arts has released a short clip of Criterion's Burnout 3 in action, demonstrating a pretty obscene high-speed crash that results in a car being flung hither and thither and bits of it sheering off and flying everywhere.

When we first saw Burnout 2, we figured it was pushing the PS2 pretty hard. To look at this video, Burnout 3 must be ramming it with a herd of concrete elephants to get these results. the sheer speed is impressive enough, but the level of destructive detail - the sparks, the splinters of metal, the everything - is some way in excess of what we've seen before, and given our love of the Crash mode that's very promising indeed.

Assuming you're as much of a fan of vehicular carnage as we are (and you are, whether you know it or not), you can download the sanely sized 11MB video from Eurofiles here, and join us in looking forward to the game's release this September.

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