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E3 2003: The Adventure Company

Atlantis Evolution, Crystal Key II, Cypher, Egyptian Prophecy, Forever Worlds, Jack the Ripper, Mysterious Journey.

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Well we've had DreamCatcher's line-up so we were kind of expecting The Adventure Company's at some point and lo, here it is. The seven games announced will be joined by another by the time TAC hits the show floor, but in the meantime we have Atlantis Evolution (set in 1904, about a young photographer transported to Atlantis by vortex), Crystal Key II: The Far Realm (sci-fi kidnap fantasy), Cypher: The Sequel to Traitor's Gate (quite possibly a working title, with a gadget-laden hero), Egyptian Prophecy (attempt to save the life of pharaoh Ramses II), Forever Worlds (first person archaeological detective drama), Jack the Ripper (murder mystery in New York, err), and Mysterious Journey: Chameleon (first person, puzzly adventure - the sequel to Schizm).

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