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V-Rally 3 GBA team working on Stuntman

We didn't care before. We do care now.

InfogramesNotAtari has confirmed something we (and you) already knew today: that Stuntman is coming to GBA. Having recently released a batch of screenshots (which embarrassingly we can't link you to at the moment due to teething troubles), the publisher now sends word that the game will be handled by the same team that did the visually arresting V-Rally 3 for the GBA. Consider our attention caught.

As with the PS2 version of the same name, Stuntman will see players racing with one of ten high performance vehicles to complete more than 20 major stunts on film sets with absolute precision - or face the wrath of a disappointed director. The GBA version will include Career and Arena modes; the former being pretty self-explanatory, and letting you unlock new levels and other extras (please God not the dreaded 'artwork') along the way, while the latter gives gamers a stadium-style stunt show in which various driving tests and jumping trials will need to be completed. Arena will also support link play.

We honestly hadn't expected much from Stuntman on the GBA, but now we know who's behind it we might just give it a second look. The game is due out in June, so it won't be long now.