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E3 2003: Square Enix's line-up

FFXI US, FFX-2, Star Ocean, Crystal Chronicle, Tactics Advance, Sword of Mana, Unlimited Saga, Drakangard.

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Square Enix has announced its line-up for E3 2003, which includes a couple of surprises, most notably the US version of Final Fantasy XI on PS2 and PC, which we'd decided was probably just something the Japanese made up to annoy us. We're amazed to find it's actually a game! Also unexpected is a new action RPG called Drakengard (sorry, no idea of platform), in which the player's character Kyme has a dragon which matures and acquires new abilities as he himself levels up.

Otherwise it's pretty much what you'd expect: Unlimited Saga, Final Fantasy X-2, Star Ocean: Till The End of Time, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and of course Sword of Mana - a game we'd like to see more than anything else in Squenix's line-up.

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