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Need For Speed going Underground

Cue excessive use of the word 'Adrenaline'

In one of the least surprising announcements you’ll ever read, EA has revealed it is working on another Need For Speed title, this time with the moniker ‘Underground’.

The “adrenaline filled” street racer is being developed by EA Black Box, and will be released on Xbox, PS2, GameCube and GBA in early 2004. Sorry PC owners, you’re not wanted anymore.

EA reckons the game will boast a “breakthrough sensation of speed”, apparently developed by an OSCAR® nominated special effects expert (anyone who can tell us what that means?), as well as 20 fully customisable licensed cars.

Underground won’t literally be set underground, but it will be quite dark, being set in “gritty, nighttime environments”, with gamers able to build “a completely unique exotic ride by earning cash to pay for custom body kits and a host of car mods by winning events”.

Can you feel your adrenaline gland getting ready for action? I’m sure mine burst around the time Burnout 2 was released last year.