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Eurogamer launches anew

Mayday! Mayday! After more than two years of classic Eurogamer, we've finally made some changes.

Morning! As you can see, we've made some… changes. In fact, some of us haven't even been home since 9am yesterday - that's dedication for ya. The new design you're currently surfing around (hopefully in a state of awe and wonder) adds a lot of new functionality and design elements to what you're used to, but it's all been designed for your benefit, and the fun doesn't stop here - over the next few weeks we'll be finishing off the job of converting all our old content, and implementing some new features - of which more in a minute.

New features live from today though include the ability to filter content properly by platform, and by type of article (review/preview etc), improved support for "alternative" browsers like Opera and Mozilla (with a mobile version of the site for the Opera browser coming soon), a new ad server (which is much faster and will speed up the site generally), a lot of page revamping and, behind the scenes, a new Content Management System that allows us to keep the site up to date and spangly without as much trouble as the systems of old. It's so simple, even Kristan can use it! The new system also allows us to do a lot more in terms of data mining - sorting by score, displaying games released by specific publishers, etc, and where the functionality isn't there yet you can bet your monkey that it's on our to-do list.

Coming in the next few weeks, we'll have entirely new hardware infrastructure - new network equipment, a new database server, file server and a new load balancer, to try and minimise that downtime we've run into a bit lately. We'll also be revamping the Forums a bit and rolling out that long overdue new Forums policy.

But perhaps the coolest of our upcoming new features is a new files system. Not just an FTP with a bunch of files, either, but a file sharing community. That's coming very soon, and you can read all about it in our FAQ, with the actual system to follow soon after. If you can't be bothered to read the FAQ, suffice to say you'll probably like what we've come up with. We certainly do.

Anyway, enjoy the new site, and feel free to sling us some feedback on this news item thread, in the forums or via email, but please be gentle on us - we're all very sleep-deprived at the moment!

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